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Being an architect myself has trained me to see, understand and read the spaces I now engage with as a photographer.

My photographs aim to enhance the spatial concepts, elaborate the care of detailing and emphasise the perception of materiality and atmosphere.  

I work analytical, covering the different scales of architecture, and at the same time intuitively, getting inspired by the spaces I am entering. The finished product is a series of photographs, representing the built architecture as well as graphical and atmospheric images of special details and materials - to be used for homepages, PQ-maps, prints to be framed or more.

To me the materialisation of architecture on the construction side, the mainly hidden engineers work, special construction processes or concentrated material studies belong as much to architecture photography as the finished spaces.

The fascination of materiality and its structures, the play of light and shadow and the beauty of graphical expressions are also repeating motivations in my art photography. Those photographs emerge spontaneously along the way - an intuitive act of framing a view or a detail, that catches my attention.