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Jun 30, 2021

Engineer poetics

Raw concrete - raw space - raw beauty. 

On a photo assignment (for DOMINIA) I came to the construction site of a school to be (Skolen ved Sundet, Copenhagen). The spaces were still raw, only the concrete construction is ready. Beautiful spaces and pure materiality. Spaces made by shadow and light. Haptical surfaces, every concrete wall a picture on its own (I guess, I will make an extra picture story about those at some time...) The impact of those spaces i fascinating - it is like feeling pure architecture in a way, where it is merely about space, spatiality and materiality. Powerful and impressive. 

In the same way it has been pure pleasure to work with the photographs - so they can stand as an image in their own right, interpreting the impression this place made on me. Poetical, sometimes abstract, representing perception.